A frame tent



How to make an a-frame tent


4 pieces of 1×2 lumber cut at 54” long (home depot will cut for free)

1 3/4 wood dowel cut at 48” long (home depot will cut for free)

3 yards of fabric – cut (if needed) 48 inches to match width of the tent and 54 inches long .

Glue gun, ez6000, tacks, or twine, (to attach fabric) drill & 3/4” drill bit (home depot will drill holes if you ask)


Step 1 – Drill a 3/4” hole, 6 inches from the top, in all 4 pieces of the 1×2 lumber

Step 2 – place 2 of the 1/2’s at the front of the dowel and 2 1/2’s at the back of the dowel (it helps to have 2 extra helpers holding the 1/2’s)

Step 3 – Insert dowel – use your strength girls!

Step 4- hang the fabric over the wodden dowel, adjust fabric so the length reaches the bottom of the frame evenly on both sides, tack or glue the fabric to the front and back of the tent frame

Step 4- add embellishments. …. enjoy!